Professor Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky Counts one Reason for the Bombing of F.R.Y.

Chomsky brings up one reason for the NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999. Quoting a high American official at the Pentagon, he says that the explanation lies in the fact that the Socialist Government of Serbia was not carrying out the required social and economic reforms. Although this may very well be true, so was the United States eagerness to strengthen NATO only a couple of years after the end of the Cold War, if not to save the organization's existence. 

Noam Chomsky Mocks Intellectuals or 'Independent Minds'

Chomsky talks about intellectuals who were supporting the bombing campaign against Yugoslavia and comes to the conclusion that they are far from independent minds. All they really do is follow the party lines within some more or less defined boundaries. 

Noam Chomsky on the Genocide in Kosovo

Chomsky says that to apply the term genocide to Kosovo is an "insult to the victims of Hitler". To prove his point he quotes documents and records from NATO countries and talks about provocations from the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army and brings up examples of places in the world that were far worse off than Kosovo, such as those in Turkey inhabited by Kurds, which unlike Kosovo is inside the borders of NATO.

Noam Chomsky on Serbian Death Camps and British Liable Laws

Chomsky exemplifies media manipulations with the photograph of the thin man behind the barb-wire from a supposed Serbian concentration camp in Bosnia, which when it appeared in newspapers caused hammock around the world. This eventually leads him to talk about British freedom of speech and liable laws which he criticizes very strongly.

For justice sake, one should point out that Serbs did have concentration camps (or just prisoner camps, which was what they in fact were, where men of weapon bearing age were kept, where atrocities did occur, but a pattern of systematic killing has never been confirmed even by the ICTY). This is a fact that has to be brought up, no matter what the case was in Trnopolje. A point which is more crucial tough, is the fact that all three sides in the war had these so-called concentration camps.

Noam Chomsky on American War Crimes in Yugslavia and Iraq

Chomsky is asked about the bombing of the Radio Television of Serbia in 1999 and also brings up an instance of American war crimes in Iraq. He gives light to how come these crimes were justified from the side of the perpetrator and even cheered in the Western world.

Noam Chomsky Explains why the U.S. Can Commit Genocide

Chomsky, in connection to the charge filed by the Yugoslav government against the United States for crimes during the aggression, explains why the United States has right to commit genocide. One might be amazed by this fact, but really it isn't so hard to believe. Anyone interested in today's politics and global issues ought to know that the United States has always had a policy of undermining the United Nations whenever it can. This is something which there are countless examples of. The fact that the United States have vetoed more resolutions than any other country says it all. 

Noam Chomsky Compares Srebrenica with the Fallujah Invasion

Chomsky had an unpleasant encounter with The Guardian in 2006 when it misquoted him over the Srebrenica massacre. Here he tells what he actually said. 

Noam Chomsky on the Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo

Chomsky talks about the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and why the Serbs actually resolved to force out the Albanians from their homes. As he points out, the expulsions came days after the initial NATO strikes, and there was no plan called 'Operation Horseshoe' that existed, which means that the ethnic cleansing was not planed but can merely be seen as revenge actions - and in some cases a voluntary evacuation because of the full-scale war which broke out right after the bombing between the Serbs and the Kosovo Liberation Army.

Noam Chomsky Nullifies the Indictment Against Milošević

Chomsky nullifies the Hague indictment against Slobodan Milošević for genocide and crimes against humanity. He brings up concrete evidence for his stance, such as a Dutch inquiry report made shortly after the Srebrenica massacre, and the fact that the charges for crimes in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina came only after the prosecutors realized that they had a weak case for Kosovo.

Noam Chomsky Praises Turkish Humanity

Chomsky, after talking about the United States' bombing of a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan in 1998, goes on to the question of Western and Turkish humanity.

Noam Chomsky on the West's Arrogance

Chomsky gives his views on what he sees as Western arrogance when attempting to justify their wars, and of Japanese in the case of the colonization of China in the 1930's, when he draws some interesting parallels. 

Noam Chomsky's Suggestion for a Kosovo Solution

Professor Noam Chomsky presents his suggestion for a solution to the status of Kosovo, one which was in fact presented by the Serbian president Milan Panic in 1993.