The Albanian Propaganda Machine

The Albanian Lobby in the U.S. Congress and The Hague

The President of the Albanian lobby on Capitol Hill is first confronted by the Serbian American Congresswoman Helen Delich Bentley for his statements about the Albanians' situation in Kosovo. After this we will see a clip from The Hague where the accused Slobodan Milošević talks about the lobby's role in the Kosovo conflict and the demonization of Serbs in the American public.

Joseph DioGuardi on Serbian-Soviet Secret Alliance

Joseph DioGuardi will try anything in his campaign for Kosovo's independence. At the beginning of this hearing in February 1991, he even denies that the Albanians in Kosovo want independence, even though he is confronted with a survey conducted months before showing the opposite.

Now we will see him play on the Americans fear of the Soviet Union – in the beginning of 1991! Naturally, his claims came from nowhere, and it just shows that there is really no limit for DioGuardi and the Albanian lobby. But the truth is still that they didn't fool anybody in that room. American politicians choose their friends based on what the goals for the day are – not the other way around.

Joe Biden Acts Hysterical Over the Serbs

At the point of this hearing from May 1998 with the Albanian lobby, Joe Biden had already made himself the reputation of being the biggest anti-Serb in Washington who tried to implement the harshest policies towards the Serbs, something he brags about here. Apparently, he has found a firend, Joseph DioGuardi, and acts to the point that all of it resembles an act.

Albanian Propaganda Against Montenegro in the U.S. Senate

After twenty years of lobbying on Capitol Hill, a period marked by lies in nearly a dozen hearings both in the Senate and Congress, the Albanian lobby has here gone on to its the next target: Montenegro. You should note what it says: "Repression of Albanians in Montenegro." And in order to illustrate this "repression" in the best possible way, one single witness is brought up to speak.

But the truth is that there is no repression of Albanians in Montenegro. If Montenegro has any connection to the suffering of the Albanians, it is through the tens of thousands of Albanians who either fled to this country from the full-scale fighting between Serb forces and the KLA in Kosovo or who were forcibly chased away by the Serbs because of the unprovoked attack on their country.

One should also note how the principle ignores to answer concretely on the Senator's question about the Albanians' situation. There is also nothing to back the claim that the Albanians in Montenegro will be extinct in 20 years. On the contrary, they are increasing. This is something which is evident among Albanian communities in Kosovo and Macedonia as well. Fact is that the Albanians in the Balkans have more births per capita than anywhere else in Europe today.

Joe Biden Admits the Albanians Were Used as Pawns

Although it should by this time be generally known to everyone that the NATO war against Serbia had nothing to do with the Albanians, some still believe blindly in the idea that the Americans for some reason decided to stand up for their rights and save them from a genocide. The truth was that they were used as pawns in the bigger game, which at that time was about securing the existence of NATO and the United States' hegemony over Western European countries. 

Joe Biden Plays on Albanian Victimization

When Joe Biden talks about the Preševo Valley in southern Serbia in 2001, one should be aware of that it about the same events for which one of the Commanders of the Serbian forces who fought Albanian separatists there, Goran Radosaljević, was awarded an American medal "for contribution to peace." This happen shortly after the end of the actions in southern Serbia at an official meeting in Stuttgart, which was also attended by the Secretary General of NATO and Carl Fullford, the Commander of NATO forces in Europe.

Joe Biden Lets Loose the Dogs of War

The question here is of course how it's possible for man of Joe Biden's position to say something like that and come away with it. He should instead have been prosecuted for inciting violence or hate against a people.

Joe Biden Compares the Serbs with Nazis

Joe Biden's behaviour obviously says more about him than the Serbs whom he wishes to portray as Nazis. His behaviour also gives a good clue to why Serbian nationalists were so infuriated when Barack Obama of all people in his administration sent him to visit Serbia in 2009. This was by them viewed as a message itself, which it most likely also was.

Joe Biden Glorifies War Criminal Ramush Haradinaj

When you take into account Ramush Haradinaj's past, the infamous KLA commander and later prime minister of Kosovo, who we see here sitting next to Joe Biden and receiving flattering remarks of how he is a great warrior and so on, it becomes understandable why Joe Biden just now decides to welcome him to democracy.

In September 1998, the bodies of 39 people were found near Haradinaj's home village of Glodjane, some of them bearing evidence of having been tied up and tortured. These victims were local people of both Albanian and Serbian ethnicity and they became the basis for public accusations of war crimes against Haradinaj and his group.

The indictment from March 2005 against Haradinaj alleged that, as a commander within the Kosovo Liberation Army, he committed crimes against humanity and violations of the laws or customs of war between March and September 1998. The alleged purpose of this was to exert control over territory, targeting both Serb, Albanian and Romani civilians. He was acquitted on 3 April 2008, because of lack of convincing evidence. By Serbs however it was only seen as proof of how the court is not objective at all. On the other hand, Haradinaj's uncle Brahimaj, who stood accused together with Haradinaj, was found guilty of torture and was sentenced for a prison term of six years by the same court.